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Accessory From 3D Scan

Overview & Supported Outputs

The asset Accessory 3D includes multiple groups of products. The most important groups are

  • Head Gear

  • Shoes

  • Bags

We distinguish between two different types of accessoires and respectively capturing methods :

  • Try-On-able 3D assets
    Needs to be captured on a physical mannequin (e.g. a worn bag) in order to be fitted to any body shape and/or body pose later on. 

  • Stand alone 3D assets
    Will be captured on a box. The only limitation is, that the accessory has to fit on this box. Everything larger than 46x46x150cm / 18x18x60in (width x length x height) needs to be tested but may still work.


The following sections describe requirements for the input data, which ensure that we can always deliver the created assets at a high level quality. Violating these requirements might mean that we can’t process your request or lower quality results.

Getting Access to a Pictofit Capture Kit

Reactive Reality operates multiple Pictofit Capture Kits at the Graz HQ and through partners. Find a guide of how to ship products for scanning to Reactive Reality here. Find out more about available scanning partners by contacting

Reference Images

Examples: Reference Images

To ensure that the 3D object of an accessory, or a head gear matches the desired look we need reference pictures of the product. This has several reasons:

  1. To ensure that the color and lightening of the product is represented in a similar way as in the pictures.

  2. To ensure the preferred fit and look (Try-On-able 3D asset)

  3. To ensure that product is presented in the desired fashion (Stand alone 3D asset)

Head Gear

Capturing of hats, caps, etc. is done on a physical mannequin which ensures the proper shape of the accessory and serves as a reference for our algorithms. Please ensure your products fit our physical mannequins (see Physical Mannequin Measurements)

Supported Types of Head Gear

  • Hats

  • Caps

  • Helmets


The PICTOFiT Capture Kit is capable of scanning all sorts of shoes, boots and sandals. The resulting 3D asset can be viewed standalone or used for virtual try-on.

Supported Types of Shoes

  • Sneakers / Running Shoes / Sports Shoes

  • Boots

  • Sandals

  • High Heels

  • Dress Shoes


This type of accessory can either be captured standalone or on a physical mannequin. The first option is preferred when the 3D asset should be shown as a standalone. The later is required if the object should be used for virtual try-on.

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