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The PICTOFiT Shopify app comes with built-in analytics for user behaviour, which lets you analyse the impact the virtual dressing room has on your store regarding:

  • User engagement

  • Product discovery

  • Retention

To set up analytics, you need to perform three steps:

Cookie Consent Banner (GDPR Compliance)

If you already have set up a cookie consent banner, you can skip this step. Make sure to include the information listed in our Privacy Statement Section.

To allow tracking, we rely on your store to ask the user for their consent to allow statistical cookies. The Shopify app marketplace provides out-of-the-box solutions from different vendors for implementing a cookie consent banner. We recommend the Pandectes GDPR Compliance which is easy to set up. Make sure to enable the consent banner in the app and to insert your information respectively the link to your privacy statement.

As part of your privacy statement, you need to link to the use of cookies within our services which you can find in the Privacy Statement Section of our documentation. Please be aware that without the user's consent, tracking and analytics is disabled.


Example of the cookie banner

Setup Google Analytics

Our tracking and analytics is built on Google Analytics (GA). Therefore, the next step is to set up a GA account and create a GA property for tracking. This article explains how to set this up. Once you have created your GA property and set up the data stream, locate and copy the Measurement-ID (starting with G-...). This ID is part of the data stream that you have set up in the last step and needed in the next step.

(1) The Measurement ID you need to copy for the next step. You can find it in the Admin panel of GA under the Data collection and modification section when clicking on Data streams

Configure Analytics in the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On App

Next, go to the Settings page of the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On app and locate the Analytics section. Enter your Measurement-ID in the respective field and check the Turned On/Off box to enable tracking. Don’t forget to save the changes by clicking save on the Settings page.

Analytics section on the settings page of the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-On app.

You are now all set. Be aware that it will take 24 hours before you will start to see analytics data in your GA dashboard. Please also note that we receive the tracking data and use it to improve the user experience of our app.

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