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Shipping Garments to Reactive Reality's HQ

For creating 3D assets of your garments it might be necessary to send them to the headquarter of Reactive Reality in Graz.
When creating a shipment, it is best practice for the sender to create a return shipment at the same time.

Please follow the steps below to ensure that your package arrives as quickly as possible:  

The address should be entered as follows: 

Reactive Reality AG 

Waltendorfer Hauptstrasse 32a 

8010 Graz, Austria 

  • If it’s possible to set delivery times, please set the time during office hours which are Mo-Th 9am-4pm & Fr 9am-1pm. 

  • For package updates, set the mail address of your contact at RR 

  • Read and follow all customs regulations and submit documents requested by carrier for international packages. 

  • Print three copies of your documents: 

    • 1 for outside the package 

    • 1 for the carrier 

    • 1 for inside the package; packages without information inside such as sender, recipient, description of goods, value of goods / invoice, are likely to get stuck in customs. 

  • If Reactive Reality is notified of a package stuck in customs, we will request that you provide the necessary information to the carrier (UPS, DHL, etc) in order for the package to be released from customs. 

  • IMPORTANT: A commercial invoice MUST be sent inside of the package. Upon return of your goods, we will use the same amounts to create a proforma invoice. 

  • Please be sure to notify your contact at Reactive Reality of the Tracking Number

As soon as the items are captured, the sender will be notified that they are ready for return.
At this time, the original sender should create a return shipment label and pay for shipping if they did not already do so upon creating the original shipment.

ATTENTION! The costs of the garments claimed on the customs form must match the original information and commercial invoice. The information on the commercial invoice will be used to create a ProForma invoice. (Some carriers have the option to create a ProForma. If the carrier offers this, we kindly request that the shipper creates the ProForma for the return shipment.)

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