The PICTOFiT Web SDK is responsible for displaying the content and for communicating with the PICTOFiT Compute Server. The library can be included via the Node Package Manager (NPM) or as a standard ES6 module. Central part of this SDK is the Pictofit.WebViewer which displays the content in the browser.


For every functionality (e.g. mix & match), there is a class that handles the communication with the compute server. You only need to write a few lines of code to integrate. Everything is highly customisable through .json configuration files or the API of the SDK.

All data needs to be hosted by the customer as Reactive Reality doesn’t provide any hosting. Therefore, assets generated by the PICTOFiT Content Service must be transferred to your backend/CDNs.


  • HTML5 and WebGL

  • ES6 compatible browser

Browser Compatibility

The following browsers (and newer) have been checked for compatibility

  • Chrome 61

  • Edge 41.16299

  • Opera 55

  • Firefox 56

  • Safari 11

To check if WebGL is supported by the client, you can use

Example: Check WebGL availability

if ( WEBGL.isWebGLAvailable() ) {
    // init the viewer
} else {

    var warning = WEBGL.getWebGLErrorMessage();
    // inform the user that the browser doesn't support WebGL

The following sections explain how to set up the viewer and how to use it. Please also see our samples repository for more resources.

Sample Repository

Throughout the different sections of the documentation, you’ll find samples showing how to implement the described functionality. All of these samples can be found in our sample repository.

API Reference