Pictofit Web SDK

The Pictofit Web SDK is a JavaScript library which can display products and avatars on the web using WebGL and HTML5. With this version, we switched to babylon.js as the underlying rendering engine. Since we fully expose babylon.js, you can leverage all its features and customise the experience to your linking.

babylon.js logo

The main component of our SDK is the WebViewer class (formerly PictofitWebViewer) which can be easily added to any website. The configuration of the viewer is based on .json files. These configuration files allow you to create arbitrary complex scenes without having to code a single line. Assets provided through our Pictofit Content Service also come with such a configuration file. This makes loading & displaying these assets super easy. A few lines are enough to setup the viewer and load an asset as you will see in the next sections. No server-side components are required which makes the integration into existing websites particularly easy.

The following sections explain, based on different use-cases, how to use the framework.

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