PICTOFiT allows you to use a range of different mannequins and avatars. You can quickly start your Dressing Room with Stock Avatars. In case you want to further personalize your shop with custom Avatars please can contact sales@reactivereality.com.

How to add avatars to the Dressing Room

In the above video, we are using stock Avatars from the Resources page. Please download them in .zip file format.

Navigate to the Shopify admin space and click PICTOFIT Virtual Try-On in the apps section. Click Upload Avatar on the top right corner of the page. Enter a name for the Avatar.

Under Asset, drag the .zip file you previously downloaded and drop it in the dashed upload area. Alternatively, you can click on add files and select the .zip file.

Finally, under State you can set the Avatar from “draft” to “active”. The Avatar can only be used in the dressing room if set to “active”. If you want to hide the Avatar, you can select “draft”. If you mark the Avatar as default Avatar, it will be the first Avatar users see when opening the dressing room. 

Personalized Mannequins

Your shoppers can create a virtual mannequin that has their respective body shape by adding several body dimensions. In Settings you can find information on how to activate this functionality.

The Shopify app includes a default mannequin. If you want to customize pose or material of  it, please contact sales@reactivereality.com