Scenes are another way of personalizing your Dressing Room. They are essentially a virtual background, that your shoppers can immerse themselves in. That can be everything from monuments, and nature scenes to abstract backgrounds.

How to add scenes to the Dressing Room

In the above video, we are using stock Scenes from the Resources page. Please download from the resources page in .zip file format. Please contact if you’d like to create custom Scenes.

Navigate to the Shopify admin space and click PICTOFIT Virtual Try-On in the apps section. Click Upload Scene on the top right corner of the page. Enter a name for the Scene. This name will be visible to your shoppers.  

Under Asset, drag the .zip file you previously downloaded and drop it in the dashed upload area. Alternatively, you can click on add files and select the .zip file.

Finally, under State you can set the Scene from “draft” to “active”. The Scene can only be used in the dressing room if set to “active”. If you want to hide the Avatar, you can select “draft”. If you mark the Scene as default Scene, it will be the first Scene users see when opening the dressing room.