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When installing the app, you have to select one of three monthly plans. The different packages, including the prices and the content can be found below.

Additionally, we offer packages that include additional virtual garment creations or support hours. These packages are not time-bound and can be used when needed.

Please ensure you have selected the correct package or contact our sales team if you are unsure or have questions.

You can make all purchases and changes in the Billing section within the Shopify admin section.

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Note: Monthly visitors and virtual garments that are included in our plans will be reset with every 30-day billing cycle.

Downgrading and upgrading your package: You can upgrade or downgrade your selected package at any time. Please note that any changes you make will take effect with your next 30-day billing cycle.

Canceling the package: You can cancel your package at any time. For this you will find a cancel my plan button in the Billing section.

Creating virtual garments:

Ensure you have enough available virtual garments in your account, as you will not be able to proceed with the creation of a virtual garment if you do not have at least one virtual garment available. The app will automatically deduct the created virtual garments from your account after making the virtual garment request. If you have an insufficient virtual garments available, an error message will be displayed.

Using the support:

If you have support included in your plan or bought a support package you can get support via You will then be connected to one of our experts.

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