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Can I have 3D garments and other content in 3D?

Yes, that is possible. For creating 3D content there are two options:

  1. You send us your physical products to our headquarters in Graz

  2. You send us CAD files of your products

For further information please contact:

I like to stock content, but can I have customised scenes and avatars?

Absolutely. Please note that this comes with additional costs.

For further information please contact:

Why can't I log into my PICTOFiT account?

Please check that you have followed the steps laid out here:

Why can't I create requests?

There are two prerequisites for creating requests in the content service:

1. You have chosen a plan for the PICTOFiT Virtual Try-on
2. You have created an account and clicked the link in the verification e-mail that you have received (please also check spam)

What are Ghost Mannequin Images?

These are images of the garment taken on a mannequin, where the mannequin was removed in post-production. The result is an image of the garment that looks like it’s worn, rather than being flat.

For more information see Specification 2D input pictures

Why can't I download the assets in a zip format? They always show up as folders

Please check which browser you are using and try to use another one. We experience this issue with Safari.

In case you have another question or the above answers didn’t help you, please contact:

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