To add a virtual try-on experience to your shop, simply install the PICTOFiT Shopping app by clicking “Add app” on the Shopify marketplace.

This will add a dedicated dressing room page to your shop where users can virtually try-on products, mix & match them and get size recommendations.

Finally, you have to insert the “Add to Dressing Room” button on your product detail page so that your shoppers can actually add pieces to their virtual dressing room.

That’s it, you’re all set! The next step is to turn your ghost mannequin images into virtual try-on asset and upload them to your store.


You can change the visual appearance of every element of the PICTOFiT Shopify app. The “Add to Dressing Room” button can be customised directly in the theme editor.

To change the wording, colours, line width etc. of the other elements of the app, please go to the settings page which you can access from the admin dashboard (top right)