To virtually try-on clothing, your shoppers need to select an avatar first. Therefore, we provide you with a selection of default avatars. You can upload them through the admin dashboard of the PICTOFiT Shopping app.

In the virtual dressing room, shoppers can immerse themselves into different scenes. Scenes can be uploaded through the admin dashboard (similar to how it works for avatars). The uploaded avatars & scenes can be selected in the dressing room when clicking on the icon on the top left

Furthermore, your users can create their own avatar by clicking on the “Manage Mannequins” menu entry. This takes them to an overview page where they can add new “Personalised Mannequin”. This is an avatar in the form of a stylised mannequin which has your body shape. Shoppers can create this avatar by selecting a gender, a basic body type and by entering a few basic measurements. The resulting personalised mannequin is then stored in the shoppers profile if logged in or locally in the browser otherwise.

You can find default avatars and scenes on the resources page.