To add content to your virtual dressing room, you first need to process your ghost mannequin images with our PICTOFiT Content Management System to turn them into virtual try-on assets. After installing the app, you will be provided with an account for the system. Please have a look at the specifications for the input images and the documentation on how to upload the data.

After the processing has finished, you can download the resulting asset as .zip file and save it to your computer.

Now go to the admin dashboard of the PICTOFiT app and look for the respective product in the list. There is also a search functionality at the top right of the page. Once you have found the right product, please select it by clicking on it.

To assign the virtual try-on asset to the selected product, please drag the .zip file you previously downloaded from our PICTOFiT Content Service and drop it in the dashed upload area. Alternatively, you can click on “Add files” which brings up a file dialog that allows you to browse for the .zip file.

After the upload has finished, all you need to to is hit “Save” and you’re all set. Your shoppers can now add this product to the virtual dressing room by clicking the “Add to Dressing Room” button. This button only shows up if there is a virtual try-on asset uploaded for the product.