Getting Started

Our SDK enables you to integrate features like virtual try-on (mix & match), capturing of avatars, AR & 3D viewing, etc. into your application. Most computations are executed directly on the users device. Computationally expensive tasks (e.g. generation of 3D avatars) are performed in the cloud through the Pictofit Content Service. To also test these features, please contact our sales team to get your free trail account. The SDK already comes with a set of sample resources for you to explore the functionality. So even without a Pictofit Content Service account you can play around & experiment. If you experiencing technical problems, please contact our support team.


  • Apps using Pictofit must target iOS 13 or later.
  • XCode 11.5 or later required
  • Swift 4.2 or later


We deliver the Pictofit SDK as a dynamic framework file. The following steps are needed to integrate our framework into your application.

  1. Go to your XCode project’s General settings tab. Then drag the PictofitCore.xcframework from the Finder to the Embedded Binaries section and click Finish.
  2. In your target’s Build Settings settings tab go to the Search Paths section and add the parent path of the PictofitCore.xcframework to the Framework Search Paths variable.

Using the framework

Use import PictofitCore at the top of your SWIFT source files to make the PictofitCore available for use within your code. For Objective C apps use #import <PictofitCore/PictofitCore.h>.

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