Viewing a finished request

When Reactive Reality has created the results, the request moves into the FINISHED status. Now it is ready for your approval. The easiest way to find FINISHED assets is to open and choose “Finished” in the status options.

When you click on the garment you are looking for you’ll get to the “Request Details” page. Now you are able to see the request properties on the left side and the status bar on the top of the right side.

Under the status bar you can find the revision and the viewer (2D/3D).

Below the viewer you have the options to choose an avatars.

Below the avatar you can see all added reference images.

Giving Feedback

If you are not satisfied with the end result and want something to be changed, you can scroll down the Request Details and write what needs to be changed in the “COMMENTS” field. Once you’ve sent a comment the state of the request will switch back to IN PROGRESS and will be processed again.

Approving a Result

If you are satisfied with the end result you can scroll down in the Request Details and click on the button Approve in the right bottom corner.

Downloading the Results

When the asset is APPROVED you can download it. You have the possibility to download the result in different versions, depending on your use case (see screenshot “Downloading the results”):

Mobile: The results are optimized for mobile usage.

Web: The results are optimized for web usage.

Raw: Gives you the raw results, be aware that these results are very large in size.

Visuals: Gives you pictures of the assets.

For each version you can choose to download the files as a zip folder. Therefore click “download as a zip” below the box, this gives you all the files of the result in one zip. If you choose not to download as a zip, by clicking the box above, you will get all files separated.