The dashboard is where you can manage your assets and filter them accordingly. The “status bar“ gives you an overview of the state of your requests.

It consists of three main areas:

  • Filter and search bar

  • Status

  • Requests area

For first time log-in, the dashboard will show some of Reactive Reality’s assets in different states. This small selection is available for you to practice on and get familiar how the system works.

Filter and search bar

On the dashboard, you con filter your requests with the following filter-options:

  1. Created - Filters requests that have been created within certain timeframe. Apart from the predefined ranges, you can also select a custom range by picking your desired dates.

  2. Requested - Filters requests which have due dates in the specified timeframe.

  3. SKU - Filters requests with an SKU that includes the entered string.

  4. Name - Filters requests with a name that includes the entered string.

  5. Tags - Filters requests with on or more tags assigned.

  6. Type - Filters requests with specific product types. You select one or more product types.

  7. Status - Filters requests in a certain status. You can select the different status using the dropdown of this field.

The red circle next to a specific filter indicates that this filter is active and the X button at the right allows you to reset all filters.

Status bar

From creation to delivery, the request will move forward to different statuses. The following is an explanation of each state:

  • CREATED - When a request was saved as draft. To move the request to the next state you need to submit it.


    • After request submission. This means it will go through the automated asset generation process. Once all the assets are generated, a manual quality control and optimization step is done by Reactive Reality staff.

    • After rejection/feedback from customer. finished requests has been rejected by you and will be re-processed.

  • REJECTED - When a request did not meet the input specifications for further processing. You still have the option to create a new request with the correct input data.

  • FINISHED - When a request has been uploaded and approved by Reactive Reality.

  • APPROVED - When you have checked the asset and is satisfied with the result, you can set this request to approve and download the finished product.

Requests area

This area consists of the “Create New Request” button the assets/requests list and paging control. The assets/requests list shows either all your requests or the filter result. With a click on a request you open the a dedicated page with all details of your request.