The dashboard displays all the assets that are available to you. It is where you can keep track of all requests and filter them accordingly. The status bar gives you an overview of the state of your requests.

For first time log-in, the dashboard will show some of Reactive Reality’s assets in different states. This small selection is available for you to practice on and get familiar how the system works.

To go back to the Dashboard, click on the “Dashboard” button at the topmost left side of the page.


On the dashboard, you can sort your requests by setting the following filters:

  1. Created At - This allows you to filter for tasks that have been created within certain dates. Apart from the predefined ranges, you can also select a custom range by picking your desired dates.

  2. Requested Until - This allows you to filter requests which had due dates.

  3. Search For - This lets you search for the request names. You have to at least enter 3 characters for the search.

  4. Type - This allows you to filter the types of requests. You can choose among the different types (Garment_2D, Outfit_2D, Garment_3D, and Accessory_3D) using the dropdown of this field.

  5. Status - This allows you to filter for requests in a certain status. You can select the different status using the dropdown of this field.


From creation to delivery, the request will move forward to different statuses. The following is an explanation of each state:

  • CREATED - When a request was saved as draft.

  • IN PROGRESS - When a request has been submitted. This means that the algorithms have started preparing this request and that will be processed by Reactive Reality.

  • REJECTED - When a request did not meet the input specifications for further processing.

  • FINISHED - When a request has been uploaded and approved by Reactive Reality.

  • APPROVED - When you have checked the asset and is satisfied with the result, you can set this request to approve and download the finished product.