Create the request

An Outfit 2D is a collection of processed Garment 2D products that you can mix and match. You can use your garment collection from the processed Garment 2D's or you can use the garments that Reactive Reality has made available. To create an outfit you need to perform at least three steps:

  1. Select an avatar

  2. Choose garments

  3. Dress the avatar

Select an avatar

1. Click on ‘Select an Avatar’ under the ‘Avatar’ section
or in the viewer on the left side. A window will pop up where you will find a selection of avatars.
2. Choose an avatar
3. Click ‘Select'

You can preview the selected avatar on the left side. Avatar can also be selected from the screen on the left side which says 'Select Avatar'

If there is a need to change the avatar selection, this can be done using the edit icon in the Avatar section which again pops up the selection window.

Select Garments

1. Click on ‘Select Garments’ under the ‘Garments’ section
A window will pop up where you will find your recently used garments. You can either select one of them or you

2. Click on ‘All Garments
Now another window will pop up where you will find the full catalog of your garments. You can add multiple garments at once. Specific garments can also be found using the search and filter function.

3. When you are done with selecting garments you click select
You will see the selected garments in your garments side bar.

Different selections of garments can be added at any stage using ‘Add Garments’. If you want to start all over again, you can click ‘Remove all’.

Dress the avatar

Once Garments and avatars are added, you can start to mix and match garment combinations on the avatar. Furthermore, you can apply different styling options on the individual garments. Per garment you will see three icons that let you manipulate the current outfit.

  1. Click on the eye icon to add dress or undress the avatar with the garment

  2. Click on the icon with arrow over crescent to tuck-in or un-tuck upper wear into bottom wear (e.g. a shirt into a pair of pants). Please note that this icon will only show up on applicable upper wear garments.

  3. Click on the garbage can icon to remove a garment from the side bar. The remove all button on the bottom right can be used to remove all garments from the side bar at once.

  4. Finally, to preview the outfit combination on the avatar, click on ‘Reload preview’. Please note that you can reload the preview at any point in time.

Specify result image resolution

Witze the size property you can specify the resolution of the resulting images you require. Available options are:

  • 1280x720 (SD)

  • 1920x1080 (HD) default

  • 3840x2160 (4K)

Opt-out for manual quality control

Usually our team performs a manual quality control step and optimize the visual result if necessary. If you are already happy with the visual quality you can see in the viewer you can simple opt-out for manual quality by setting the checkbox ‘Manual quality control’ to inactive. This will speed up the turnaround time.

Save a draft or submit the request

You can save an outfit as draft by clicking the ‘Save draft’ button at the bottom right. To retain the chosen garments, dress the avatar first before you save it.

When a draft is made, the state of your request is CREATED. It will be stored and available for you to access at any time.

A request is submitted using the ‘Submit request’ at the bottom right. The state of your request is IN PROGRESS and the Reactive Reality team gets a notification about it.

Review a draft

When you made a draft, the state of your request is CREATED. You can open and edit the draft at any point in time. When you are done with your edits you can again decide if you only want to save your changes in the the draft or if you want to submit the request.

Review a finished outfit and download it

When the request has been processed it moves into the status FINISHED . Now it is ready for your review. The easiest way to find finished assets is to filter the Status field by choosing “Finished”. Click on the particular asset to direct you to the Request Details page.

Outfit 2D Request Details Page

1. Viewer - The viewer enables you to review the asset as soon as it has been processed. With the button at the top left you can select a different avatar. With the button at the bottom left you can open the viewer in full-screen mode.
2. Request Details - Show the properties of the request and let you add and remove tags.
3. Status bar - Here you can see the current state of the request.
4. Garment List -
5. History - The history shows when the request has changed it state.


  1. Click the ‘Approve’ button below the viewer.

  2. You will see that status transitions to APPROVED.

Note that finished assets will be automatically set to APPROVED after 7 days.

Give feedback and reject the result

If you are not happy with result please give us feedback and we will try to improve the asset. In order to so you need to

  1. Click the ‘Reject’ button below the viewer

  2. In the viewer in the reject dialog you can draw. This enables you to visually highlight parts in the result. If you want to start over, just click on the garbage bin icon. If you already have a screenshot that you want to share you can upload that as an attachment.

  3. If you want to add written feedback you can do so in the text field.

  4. Then you are done click ‘Reject’. The status of the request will change to IN PROGRESS. After reprocessing you will get chance to review the asset again.

Download the asset

  1. Click the ‘Download’ button below the viewer

  2. Select the result you need for your purpose.