The Content Management System (CMS) enables users to create and manage virtual garments and digital assets with PICTOFiT. The CMS is a self-service dashboard that transforms ordinary garment images into the most live-like fashion images available. Besides the generation of fashion images, the CMS also manages the user’s 3D assets for their most realistic and enjoyable virtual try-on experience.

CMS is accessible via

The following features are available to the user:

  1. Creation of assets for a virtual try-on in 2D (GARMENT_2D)
    Upload your images (front/back view) and receive assets for your virtual try-on experience or add garments to your selection for the fashion image generation.

  2. Fashion Image generation (OUTFIT_2D)
    Use your previously uploaded images (from item 1) above and fit them onto a model avatar (front/back view) or mannequin to create fashion images for your catalog.
    A detailed guide on how to create your own fashion images can be found here.

  3. Managing 3D assets for 3D virtual try-on (GARMENT_3D and ACCESSORY_3D)
    For this use case the PICTOFiT Capture Kit is necessary. Please contact the Reactive Reality Sales team for further information.

For more information on PICTOFiT and what Reactive Reality can offer, please check out the website at or you can get in touch with the teams below.

Basic Terminologies


This shows the overview of all the access and functionality that is available to the customer.

Fashion Image Generation

Reactive Reality’s newest feature. This lets you generate unlimited outfit/model combinations, i.e. front or back avatars and outfits on either male or female. More information is found here.


Images on 2D view, either the front or back, fitted on an avatar.


Full outfit - top and bottom (in front or back view), and dresses - in 2D format. This is also Reactive Reality’s fashion image generation feature.

Garment_3D and Accessory_3D

3D assets that were captured with Reactive Reality’s Capture Kit and it has a 360 degree view. The Capture Kit is needed to use this functionality.


Requested garments/accessories.

Capture Kit

The Capture Kit turns your existing photo studio into a powerful AR asset factory. It is used to create 3D assets out of simple 2D images.

Personal avatar

Avatars (front/back view, male/female) provided by the customer. These are to be added manually. And for such request, contact the Sales Team.

Public avatar

Avatars (front/back view, male/female) from Reactive Reality that are available for all customers.

Personal garment

Garments (front/back view) that were previously uploaded and approved through Garment 2D processing.

Public garment

Garments from Reactive Reality that are available for all customers.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK is a set of software-building tools or group of code libraries specific to an operating system (OS).

Technical Requirements

The CMS is optimised to be used on a laptop or a desktop with a good internet connection. All popular internet browsers (like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) are supported.

Currently the CMS is only available in English.

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