Garments available in the supported CAD formats:

  • CLO3D

  • Browzwear (experimental)

…can be imported into the Pictofit Content Service to be transformed into real-time capable assets called Garment 3D CAD. These assets can be used for virtual try-on and virtual photography or presented standalone as a single 3D object (Garment 3D CAD asset).

Create the request

Open Create Garment 3D CAD Request Dialog

1. Click 'Create new Request'

To create a new request for the PICTOFiT Content Service you first need to click on the Create New Request button above the assets list in the Dashboard.

2. Choose the type ‘Garment 2D’

Request specification

1. Upload the CAD files (Required)

Upload the garment input file you want as a 3D asset. These files need to adhere to Reactive Reality’s CAD garment requirements (see Garment from CAD file specification).
There are two options for adding data. The first option is to drag & drop files into the field. The second option is to click on the field and choose the file from your computer in the pop-up that has opened.

2. Upload Reference Image (Optional)

The reference image will be used as thumbnail and makes it easier to visually identify your asset in the asset list of the dashboard.

3. Fill out all the necessary information

Once everything has been provided, you can now submit your request clicking on 'Submit request'. See below a sample of a filled-out Garment 3D CAD request.