Garment_2D is a product created from Reactive Reality’s PICTOFiT Content System to fit front/back product images of a given garment for virtual try-on. These product images are ghost mannequin shots of the garment.

Create the request

Open create Garment 2D request dialog

1. Click 'Create new Request'

To create a new request for the PICTOFiT Content Service you first need to click on the Create New Request button above the assets list in the Dashboard.

2. Choose the type ‘Garment 2D’

Request specification

1. Upload Ghost Mannequin Shot (Required)
Upload the input image of the garment that you want to have as a 2D asset the frontal one is required. These photos need to adhere to Reactive Reality’s input specifications (see Garment_2D Image Specifications).

  • Front (1a) (Required) - the frontal ghost mannequin shot of the garment.

  • Back (2b) - the ghost mannequin shot of the garment from behind. If you add back image the system automatically creates a second request.

2. Reference Image (Optional)
Although this is optional, it is highly recommended to provide at least one reference image. The reference image ensures a better result for the fit of the garment on the avatar which is important for the virtual try-on.

There are two options for adding image data. The first option is to drag & drop files into the field. The second option is to click on the field and choose the file from your computer in the pop-up that has opened.

3. Fill out all the necessary information

Once everything has been provided, you can now ‘Submit Request’. See below a sample of a filled-out Garment 2D request.

Review a finished asset and download it

When the request has been processed it moves into the status FINISHED . Now it is ready for your review. The easiest way to find finished assets is to filter the Status field by choosing “Finished”. Click on the particular asset to direct you to the Request Details page.

Garment 2D Request Details Page

1. Viewer - The viewer enables you to review the asset as soon as it has been processed. With the button at the top left you can select a different avatar. With the button at the bottom left you can open the viewer in full-screen mode.
2. Request Details - Show the properties of the request and let you add and remove tags.
3. Status bar - Here you can see the current state of the request.
4. Reference images - If you uploaded a reference image you can view them by clicking on them.
5. History - The history shows when the request has changed it state.


  1. Click the ‘Approve’ button below the viewer.

  2. You will see that status transitions to APPROVED.

Note that finished assets will be automatically set to APPROVED after 7 days.

Give feedback and reject the result

If you are not happy with result please give us feedback and we will try to improve the asset. In order to so you need to

  1. Click the ‘Reject’ button below the viewer

  2. In the viewer in the reject dialog you can draw. This enables you to visually highlight parts in the result. If you want to start over, just click on the garbage bin icon. If you already have a screenshot that you want to share you can upload that as an attachment.

  3. If you want to add written feedback you can do so in the text field.

  4. Then you are done click ‘Reject’. The status of the request will change to IN PROGRESS. After reprocessing you will get chance to review the asset again.

Download the asset

  1. Click the ‘Download’ button below the viewer

  2. Select the result you need for your purpose.

For each version, you have the option to download the result as individual files or as a zip compressed folder.