What is Fashion Image Generation (FIG)?

FIG lets you create unlimited outfit/model combinations into real or virtual scenes. You can choose the garments and avatars either from your Personal collection or Reactive Reality’s Public collection. This provides you a more cost-efficient way to showcase your products by creating images in post-production than conducting model shoots. More details about this feature can be found here.

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Fashion Image Generation

How to create your own Fashion Image?

There are simple steps to create your own fashion image. Click on the specific step below to get more details.

  1. Log in to CMS
    Log into PICTOFiT Content Management System.

  2. Upload your garments (Create a Garment_2D)
    Before you can create outfits you need a few garments in our system.

  3. Create an Outfit (Fashion Image)
    After the garments you requested in Step 2 have been processed the system and approved by you, they are available for the outfit creation.

When navigating each page, you can also refer to the right pane of your screen for specific topics.

See some examples of created Outfits below:

What is an Outfit?

An outfit is a collection of processed products that you can mix and match. The same way you mix and match garments as an outfit in real life. All the garments that were used in processing the Garment_2D will automatically be saved in your Personal Garments archive.

What is an Avatar?

Avatars are comprised of a series of poses whether male or female and different body types. It also have either a front or back view. Reactive Reality has a variety of available mannequins or avatars to try on. You can use these avatars together with your garments to generate and set up different poses for your web shop needs. Specifications of avatars are available on this page.

To be able to add avatars to the personal collection, please contact us at support@reactivereality.com