1. Click Create new Request

To create a new request for the PICTOFiT Content Service you first need to click on the Create New Request button above the assets list.

2. Choose the type of request that you want to create.

Fill out all the necessary information and upload required input data.

These fields are available to all garment types.

  • Name (Required) - Enter the name of your request in this field. This name will also show up on the overview page. Be specific if the image that you will be uploading is back view.

  • SKU (Optional) - If you are working with SKUs, you can enter the SKU of the request in this field.

  • Due At (Optional) - If you want to set a deadline for your request, you can select a date from the date picker.

  • Priority (Optional) - You can set your request to a “High”, “Medium”, or “Low” priority. Reactive Reality will take this into consideration while processing your request.

  • Tag (Optional) - You can create tags to organise your assets.

In the following subpages you will find specific information on the different product types.

If you want to create 3D Garments from physical garments you need a PICTOFiT Capture Kit. Contact the support@reactivereality.com for further information.