Working with a number of fashion and retail companies, we have seen how important it is to be able to create outfits quickly and easily to get the most out of your digital workflows and assets. The PICTOFiT Content Management System (CMS) is your place to upload and manage your digital assets, create on-model fashion images and 3D outfits.

PICTOFiT Content Management System enables you to:

  • Upload product images and CAD garments

    • Our AI turns your images fully automated into assets ready for virtual try-on

  • Manage and share your digital assets

    • Organise them using tags and manage access across the organisation

  • Create photorealistic on-model fashion images

    • With just a few clicks, you can create compelling, high-resolution images of real people wearing your products

    • Select from a wide range of body-shapes, ethnicities and poses

  • Create highly detailed 3D outfits with sophisticated styling options

    • Get more out of your CAD data & 3D scans by creating full outfits in just seconds

    • See them on different avatars with various body shapes and poses

    • Apply styling options like tuck-in or rolled-up sleeves to achieve your desired look

    • Download the resulting outfit in industry standard formats (e.g. .glb) for further use

The CMS is a web application running in every common web browser. It is easy to use and no technical integration is required. Our platform allows you to enable your full team to interact with your digital assets through their browser without any special skills or training.

The PICTOFiT CMS is accessible via

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