Viewing a finished request

When Reactive Reality has created the results, the request moves into the Finished status. Now it is ready for your approval. The easiest way to find finished assets is to filter the Status field by choosing “Finished”. Click on the particular asset to direct you to the Request Details page. Requests for back view garments and avatars have the same approval page as the front views.

  • In Garment_2D, under the status bar, you can find the uploaded result.

  • Below the viewer, you have the option to select a different avatar. Note that whatever is the default avatar in your CMS, the Garment_2D output will use that automatically (whether it be back or front avatar view).

  • Below the avatar, you can see all added reference images and the comments box.

If the avatar that was loaded for your Garment_2D request is front view and the Name is a back view, e.g. red_dress_back, change your avatar to the correct view. Moreover, you can also try out different avatar poses of both front and back views.

See below sample of a Garment_2D in Finished status.

Garment_2D: Front View

Garment_2D: Back View

  • In Outfit_2D, under the status bar, you can find the uploaded result. Whatever avatar or garments that you used when you created an outfit request, it will show up here.

  • Below the viewer, you can see the list of the garments, the avatar used, and the comments box.

See below sample of a Outfit_2D in Finished status.

Outfit_2D: Front View

Outfit_2D: Back View

Giving Feedback

If you want something changed on the finished result, you can scroll down the Request Details page and write what needs to be changed in the “COMMENTS” field. Both Garment_2D and Outfit_2D have these feature.

Garment_2D: Add a comment

Garment_2D: Request Details page with comment

  • Click on “Comment” to add a remark.

  • The Request Details page will be loaded.

  • The status will change from Finish to In Progress. Once you’ve sent a comment, the state of the request will switch back to IN PROGRESS and will be processed again.

  • At the bottom of the page, click on the arrowhead to view your comment.

Approving a Result

For requests that are ready for approval, they will show up as FINISHED on your dashboard. You can either load all assets or filter only the Finished ones.

Below is a sample of a Garment_2D Approval page.

  • Click on a specific asset to go to the Request Details page.

  • Review the final result.

  • Click Approve.

  • The page will refresh with the approved files that you can download.

Downloading the Results

When the request is APPROVED you can download it. You have the possibility to download the result in different versions for Garment 2D. As for Outfit 2D, you will only see the raw .jpg file.

Compressed: The results give you the reduced file size in *.garment format. Which is to be used with Reactive Reality’s SDK.

Mobile: The results are optimized for mobile usage and intended to be used with Reactive Reality’s mobile SDK.

Raw: Gives you the raw results (these results are very large in size).

Web: The results are optimized for web browser usage and intended to be used with Reactive Reality’s Web SDK.

For each version, you have the option to download the files as a zip folder. To do this, click “download as a zip” below the box, this lets you download you all the files of the result in one zip folder.

If you choose not to download the result as a zip folder, click on the box.