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Getting Started

The Pictofit Content Service is a REST web service that provides all the complex logic to generate smart 2D & 3D models and semantic information from images. It is accessable via a REST web service from your client applications.

The main entity of the service are products. For each item you want us to process, you first have to create a Product object. Product entries can contain one or more Configuration entries. Configurations are for example different colors of the same product. Once you have created the Configuration you can upload data (usually images) to it. As a final step after you’ve finished uploading, the configuration needs to be marked as ready. This tells our system that all the information is there and we can start processing the item.

After the processing has finished, you can retrieve the generated assets using the results entry of a Configuration endpoints. We also provide web hooks that notify you when an asset is ready. Please be aware that our system is not intendet to host the assets for your applications.

The REST service can be accessed via content.pictofit.com/v1.5/ or content-staging.pictofit.com/v1.5/ (for testing). Please contact our sales team to get your account for the system.

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