Package com.reactivereality.pictofitcore.rendering


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The RRCamera manages how a scene is viewed through the screen and therefore it holds several options to change that. It can be applied to a RRGLRenderView by calling RRGLRenderView.setCamera.

class RRCamera : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable
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Define what type a RRCamera represents. Defaults to RRCameraType.Orthogonal.

enum RRCameraType : Enum<RRCameraType>
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This class is used by RRCarouselRenderable to get information about what to display.

open class RRCarouselRenderableDataSource : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable
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This class represents the type of a concrete implementation of RRRenderable. Instances of this class can be compared using RRRenderableType.equals to determine the type of a RRRenderable instance.

class RRRenderableType(numericType: Long)
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Scaling mode for visual content.

enum RRScalingMode : Enum<RRScalingMode>
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Class for 3D object transformations. This class is used in the RRRenderable to define the transformation from local to global coordinate space during rendering.

class RRTransformation : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable