Package com.reactivereality.pictofitcore.rendering.renderables


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A RRRenderable to visualize a RRAvatar3D instance.

class RRAvatar3DRenderable : RRRenderable
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A RRRenderable class used to display RRAvatars.

class RRAvatarRenderable : RRRenderable
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A RRRenderable that can display a avatars bodymodel as the outline and joints.

class RRBodymodelRenderable : RRRenderable
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A RRRenderable that enables to select a single 3D item out of an arbitrary amount of 3D items by navigating through them like in a carousel. The carousel is defined as follows in its local coordinate system:

  1. The center of the carousel is at position (0, 0, 0).

  2. The rotation axis of the carousel is the Y axis.

  3. The item renderables obtained from the datasource are translated to have their local coordinate (0, 0, 0)) on a circle with a radius (See: carouselRadius) in the XZ plane.

  4. The item renderables are always rotated around the Y axis in a way that the local z axis of the item renderable faces the camera.

  5. Between items in the carousel there is a constant angular distance defined by an angular item distance (See: angularItemsDistance).

  6. Centered in the front of the carousel, there are items visible that are currently within an angular range (See: visibleAngularRange).

  7. At the edges of this range there can be alpha blending applied for the items, which is linearly applied within the around the visible range's edges centered range (See: alphaBlendingAngularRange).

  8. The current front most item in the carousel is always scaled with a factor (See: maximumItemScale) and all items at least having an angular distance (See: minimumItemScaleAngularDistance) to the front are scaled with a factor (See: minimumItemScale). The scale for the items having less angular distance to the front than. The minimum item scale angular distance (See: minimumItemScaleAngularDistance) is linearly interpolated.

class RRCarouselRenderable : RRRenderable
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The RRRenderable to visualize a RRGarment3D instance.

class RRGarment3DRenderable : RRRenderable
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A RRRenderable class used to display a RRGarment fitted to an RRAvatar.

class RRGarmentRenderable : RRRenderable
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This class defines a slot that can display a single garment or accessory.

class RRGarmentSlot : RRSlot
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Convenience RRRenderable that provides functionality for a hovering animation of objects. It just modifies its own transformation by setting just the Y direction of the translation. Do not modify the transformation yourself, since it will automatically get overridden. Adding children easily enables them to perform a hover animation. This animation can for instance be used to illustrate the section of a 3d object in the scene.

class RRHoveringRenderable : RRRenderable
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A class that is used to display RRMesh3D objects.

class RRMeshRenderable : RRRenderable
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A RRRenderable for displaying a textured quad. For example to show a watermark of a Y. Therefore a RRQuadRenderable can be set as watermarkRenderable of a RRUserPhotoLayout.

class RRQuadRenderable : RRRenderable
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This class defines a slot that can display a single quad.

class RRQuadSlot : RRSlot
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Base class for renderable objects. Can be used together with the RRGLRenderView and RRAbstractLayout to display content.

open class RRRenderable : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable
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This class defines the base class for slot instances that are used within the RRSlotLayout.

abstract class RRSlot : RRRenderable
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A RRRenderable that creates a spinning textured RRSpinningImageRenderable. Its rotation speed can be customized. The rotation angles can also be discretized. The spinning RRSpinningImageRenderable is centered at local coordinate (0, 0, 0) and is placed in the XY plane. Its size is normalized so that the longer image dimension has a length of 1.0. The image aspect ratio is preserved.

class RRSpinningImageRenderable : RRRenderable
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This class defines a slot that can display a try-on.

class RRTryOnSlot : RRSlot
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Represents instances of RRRenderable classes that are used internally where no Java subclass is implemented for its type. The idea is that functions like RRGLRenderView.getAllRenderables in RRGLRenderView can return all renderables without the need to publicly provide each renderable type as a subclass of RRRenderable if it is not needed for the usage of the public API.

class RRUnknownRenderable : RRRenderable