Package com.reactivereality.pictofitcore.rendering.layouts


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Base class for layouts. Can be used together with RRGLRenderView and RRRenderable to display content. The layout manages renderable positioning, animations and user interaction.

abstract class RRAbstractLayout : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable
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Abstract base class for layouts with a garment try-on like RRUserPhotoLayout or RRSceneLayout.

abstract class RRAbstractTryOnLayout : RRAbstractLayout
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This class represents an interactively adjustable body shape morph. These morphs are defined within the config file.

class RRAdjustableMorph : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable
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This layout implements the visualization of a 3D avatar to be converted to a 2D avatar. Additionally it also provides an interface for editing an avatars pose and shape.

class RRAvatar3DUserAdjustmentsLayout : RRAbstractLayout
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This class represents the configuration of the RRAvatar3DUserAdjustmentsLayout class. It can be loaded and stored from/to JSON files.

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Layout for displaying RRHeadAugmentationAvatar.

class RRHeadAugmentationLayout : RRAbstractLayout
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This layout provides an easy to use functionality to interactively view a 3d object. Touch gestures are used to rotate the object in the scene. The size of the object is automatically fitted to the visible view frustum.

class RROrbitViewerLayout : RRAbstractLayout
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A layout used to render scenes. If the parallax effect is enabled the layout reads the devices IMU and adjusts the viewpoint to the device's orientation. Switching of garments and avatar is similar to e.g. the RRUserPhotoLayout.

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A layout that arranges multiple renderable RRSlot instances that can be arbitrary placed within a RRGLRenderView. Since the associated slots are positioned based on coordinate frames in viewport coordinates, it must be considered to update the frames of the slots for resize events if needed. This also applies for RRGLRenderView.renderToImage, since this also temporarily changes the viewport size when rendering the image.

class RRSlotLayout : RRAbstractLayout
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A layout that shows an avatar centered within the view and an array of garments fitted to that avatar. Further, a watermark can be displayed at the lower right of the view.

class RRUserPhotoLayout : RRAbstractTryOnLayout