Package com.reactivereality.pictofitcore.rendering.colliders


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The abstract base class for colliders used in the RRGLRenderView to perform hit testing. RRColliders can be attached to RRRenderable instances.

abstract class RRCollider : RRAbstractNativeMemoryManageable
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The type of a concrete implementation of RRCollider. Instances of this class can be compared using RRCollider.equals to determine the type of a RRCollider instance.

class RRColliderType(numericType: Long)
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This collider detects hits based on a RRMesh3D. Try to use meshes for this collider that are as complex as needed but as simple as possible to avoid bad runtime performance.

class RRMeshCollider : RRCollider
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This RRCollider detects hits on a plane that is positioned in the XY plane.

class RRPlaneCollider : RRCollider